Alt Love Building

1h 55min | Comedy | 26 December 2014 (Romania)

The action of the film is set in the mountains, in the middle of winter, a few days before New Year’s Eve, six months after the first edition of the relationship repair camp, Love Building. Now we meet nine troubled couples and three therapists with even bigger problems, who when not bullied fight the inner demons and problems of the past. Now it’s not so easy to run to the coveted “and they lived happily ever after.” Even if they end up in a Love Building again, this time it will be different.

Directed by
Iulia Rugina

Writing Credits
Ana Agopian
Oana Rasuceanu
Iulia Rugina

Distribution by
Cinéma, Netflix, Pro TV, HBO

Dorian Boguta
Dragos Bucur
Alexandru Papadopol
Emil Ciuchi
Eugen Matei Lumezianu
Ben Cross
Ion Rusu
Ruxandra Serban
Adina Stetcu

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